Court Fees Schedule

The following is a list of the court fees associated with filing any matter into the Tribal Court or obtaining copies of documents. For more details please see General Order No. 2017-001 on the Public Orders page

  1. Fifteen cents ($0.15 USD) per page for copies of any non-confidential case file;
  2. Fifteen dollars ($15.00 USD) for filing any new case, excluding Indian Child Welfare or Domestic Violence violation matters;
  3. One Hundred dollars ($100.00 USD) for filing an appeal for any judgement or final decision of the Tribal Court;
  4. Twenty dollars ($20.00 USD) for an electronic copy of any court proceeding in non-confidential cases;
  5. One Hundred dollars ($100.00 USD) for licensed counsel to practice in Tribal Court, collected annually;
  6. Fifty dollars ($50.00 USD) for lay advocates to practice in the Tribal Court, collected annually;
  7. Thirty-five dollars ($35.00 USD) for finger print report related to any matter pending in Tribal Court; and
  8. Twenty-five dollars ($25.00 USD) for a copy of any police report related to any matter pending in the Tribal Court.