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Round Valley Indian Tribes Tribal Court

Upcoming Tentative Court Dates

The following is a list of the next 6 months of tentatively scheduled Tribal Court dates:

  • Tuesday, April 26th 2016
  • Tuesday, June 28th 2016
  • Tuesday, August 30th 2016
  • Tuesday, May 31st 2016
  • Tuesday, July 26th 2016
  • Tuesday, September 27th 2016

Court Sessions

Tribal Court can be in session on any day of the week for emergency cases which includes but is not limited to: ICWA, Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence Hearings. Please make sure you know when your court date is by looking at the date on your court papers.

Docket List

Please see the Dockets page for a list of court dockets. Dockets page last updated April 25 2016.

Public Court Orders

Go to the Public Court Orders page to view a list of court orders for the public. Orders page last updated September 10 2015.

Last modified: April 25 2016.